Kaufman Quilt Guild

Meets the first Tuesday of the month,
in July we will meet at;

******** This is  a Change**********

First United Methodist Church
208 S. Houston St., Kaufman
Fellowship Hall

First United Methodist Church

Our next meeting is:

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

6:00 Fellowship & Refreshments/Welcome Desk Open
 7:00 Business Meeting

We welcome all visitors. After your 2nd visit we encourage 
you to join or donate a $5 speakers fee per visit.  


Program for July

My Quilt Labels and
Stories about their Quilts 
by Debbie Panton

Election of 
2018-2019 Officers

Community Service

Twin Sheet Sets for  the Genesis Center

Hostesses for July

Carla Little, Coordinator
Marsha Hullet
Kathy Dunigan
JoAnn Hudgins
Toni Nelson
Sharon O'Quinn

  Welcome Desk

Be sure and visit the 
Welcome Desk as 
you arrive to sign in 
for door prizes.

           Please turn your cell phones to 
                 silent during the meeting
Things to Remember for 
the July Meeting  
          1.  Community Service
          2.  Show and Tell

          3.  Bring competed Linus quilts
               (can be turned into Cindy                                          Tramel) 

          4.  "It's a Wonderful World" Lap Quilt

          5.  Wear your badge!

          6.  Bring UFO's

          7. Check Guild Swap Table for free                             goodies
     July Birthdays    
Karen Marotta              7/1
Tonya Ratcliff              7/13
Gwynda Brantley         7/17
Mary Wilkins                7/21
Laura Petrash               7/30

                  Don't forget to log your 
                          volunteer hours!