Membership Activities

Mandatory Activities


(1) Selling raffle tickets - Mandatory

         We all benefit from our programs and workshops that are paid for by the raffle

quilt proceeds, therefore everyone is responsible for raffle ticket sales.

         All members shall sell at least 30 raffle tickets for our raffle quilt each year. This

is our major fundraiser of the year and the money supports our many activities. You have

the option of purchasing your own tickets or selling them to the public. Tickets are 6 for

$5.00 or $1.00 each.

Optional Guild Activities

        We are an active group with many activities available. You are encouraged to join in and have fun. The more you participate the more you will get out of the guild and the more quilting friendsyou will make. Talk to the welcoming committee, the chairperson of the activity you are interested in (listed in the yearbook) or any board member with questions.

(1) Raffle Quilt Blocks - Optional

        Members may volunteer to help create the annual raffle quilt. The raffle quilt is

used to earn money for the Guild’s ongoing activities. Members participating must

produce the required number of blocks using quality fabrics and methods. Members are

given several months and sometimes are given background or other fabrics to incorporate

into their blocks. Members will be given a pattern to make the blocks. All blocks must

meet pre-determined standards as set by the raffle quilt chairperson. Blocks that do not

meet these standards will not be accepted.

(2) Hostessing - Optional


         The time enjoying refreshments gives members an opportunity to build personal relationships with each other. 

            All members in our area are asked to help with refreshments once a year. There will be teams for each month except Christmas in which all members who wish to participate are asked to bring their favorite Christmas snack/dish. The guild will provide all paper goods at that time.  The yearbook will list the coordinator and members on the refreshment committee for that month. 

(3) Guild Work Days - Optional

        All members are invited to participate in a Guild Workday, which can include the quilt show, the Scarecrow Festival, workshops to assemble our raffle and charity quilts etc.  The date and time will be announced at a guild meeting and published in the newsletter and yearbook.

(4) Work Shops - Optional

            From time to time a workshop will be created to allow members a hands on opportunity to learn a new technique or to give them an opportunity as a group to be creative in quilting.

(5) Quilts of Valor - Optional

        This is a community service project in conjunction with Quilts of Valor Foundation ( If you desire, you may make a quilt to be given to a veteran affected by war. Quilts can be either of a patriotic nature or generic and should be lap size to twin size (60x80). 

A member of the Guild who is a machine quilter will quilt one quilt top at no charge, and the Guild will provide postage, label, backing and batting for your pieced quilt. You may make as many other Quilts of Valor as you want, but at your expense. Contact the Quilt of Valor Chairperson if you have a special recipient in mind.  Recipients must meet pre-determined qualifications. See for more information.

(6) Quilts for Kids - Optional

        This is a community service project taken on by the Guild to donate small quilts

to various charities, including local hospitals, the Rainbow Room and other

organizations. These quilts are handed out to needy children or mothers of newborns.

One quilt a year may be made from a preprinted panel and must be quilted and bound . Minimum size is 36” by 36”.

(7) Retreats - Optional

        At various times of the year, the Guild will organize a quilting retreat.  The cost of the retreat is the responsibility of the Guild member, as is food for the retreat.  Some retreats hold only a limited number.  When you sign up for a retreat you are asked to pay a non-refundable deposit.  Your name will not be added to the list until your deposit is made.  Please sign up with our retreat chairman and remember it is necessary to pay your deposit before signing up.    All retreats require a $100 deposit at sign up, with the balance due at the retreat unless otherwise stated. 

(8) Friendship Groups - Optional

        The Guild sponsors a daytime friendship group. The group usually meets on

the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 10:00-2:00. Meeting locations are announced at the

meeting, published in the newsletter and website. Members work on their own projects

and bring their own snacks. Occasionally, instead of a regular meeting a group will

decide to visit a quilt show, or go on a shop hop. Any member is encouraged to start a

friendship group at a time that will be accommodating for her and others.

(9) Community Service and Donations - Optional

        Members may participate in servicing our communities with donations to such

organizations as the Terrell State Hospital, food for the Food Pantry, items needed for the

Rainbow Room, etc. Each month, specific needs will come to our attention and will be

announced as that month’s community service donation by the committee chairperson.

Donations are brought to the regular monthly meeting where the committee chairperson

picks them up and deliveries them to the chosen charity.

(10) Show and Tell - Optional

        During Show and Tell, members are asked to show completed items. Items need

not be quilted or bound, but the “quilt top” must be complete. Incomplete items may be

shown at designated times as UFO’s. Of course, a rare find from “the attic”, finished or

unfinished will always be enjoyed by the guild members. We ask that you limit your

show and tell to two items per meeting due to time constraints.

(11) Alley Sale - Optional

        One to two times a year the guild sponsors a day of shopping, eating and being together.  Happiness Is Quilting sponsors a twice yearly alley sale in McKinney.  Dates will be announced in the newsletter and at monthly guild meetings a couple of months in advance. Place and time 

to meet to car pool is announced. This is a fun way to explore, shop,  and get to know your fellow quilters a little bit better.

(12) Charity Quilt Blocks - Optional

        All members will be encouraged to make 2 to 3 blocks for our annual charity quilts.  

We make quilts each year for organizations such as the Kaufman Chamber of Commerce 

auction, the Children’s Shelter, Senior Citizens Center, etc. Members are given several 


to complete their blocks and sometimes are given background or other fabric 

to incorporate

into their blocks. Members may sometimes be given a pattern to make the 


(13) "It's a Wonderful Life" Lap Quilt
This two year project is going to be done two different ways.  Wool and Denim.  So you can choose which is your favorite.  

(14) UFO Club - Optional

This is a fun way to complete those quilt projects you have been hiding in your sewing room.  A UFO (UnFinished Object) can be any project started, purchased, dreamed of, or wished for.  As you complete your UFOs you are encouraged to bring them to Show & Tell and let us know all about them.  For every UFO completed your name will be placed in a drawing for a grand prize at the August meeting.  The grand prize winner will be awarded a gift certificate for quilting services, up to $150 in value, made payable to a longarm quilter within the Kaufman Quilt Guild of your choice.  This challenge will help organize your UFOs and get them on the way to being finished.
(15) Annual Block Challenge - Optional

The Annual Block Challenge this year will be called "Life's a Beach."  Each member may make a beach themed block of their choice that measures 9 1/2" unfinished.  Blocks are due by the August 2016 guild meeting.  

(16) Quilt Retreat Lottery - Optional

           Quilt Guild members are given an opportunity to earn chances for a free Quilt Retreat of their choice. For each community service project completed and listed below, that member will receive a coupon for that item. Your coupon(s) will then be put in a “fish bowl” and at the August meeting a drawing will be held. The winner will receive a free 3 night quilt retreat with meals included (unless meals are not provided by the retreat host). It just takes one coupon to win, but the moreyou participate, the greater your opportunity to win. It is your responsibility each month to let the Secretary know what you have done. You must report each month; no back  tracking. You are asked to report to the Secretary between 6:30-7:00 before the business meeting.  Coupons will be issued by the Secretary as follows:

            (a)    Attend scheduled work days – 1 coupon for two hours

worked; 2 

coupons for four hours worked; three coupons for six hours worked.

            (b)    Quilts of Valor – 4 coupons (1 quilt per year)

               (c)     Quilts for Kids 2 coupons (4 quilts per year) One quilt may be made

from a Pre-printed panel, quilted and bound. You may make as many

 pre-printed panels as you want but only one will receive coupons. 

February is quilts for kids’ month and 

you will receive double coupons 

for each quilt turned in. All basic guidelines for coupons apply 

in February.

            (d)    Completed raffle and charity blocks – 1 coupon for every required set of

blocks. Example: if you are asked to complete three blocks for a project,

then that is considered a required set of blocks.

            (e)    Community service requests (ex. helping stock food pantry) – 1 coupon

            (f)    Binding a Charity or Raffle quilt for the guild – 2 coupon – If you are

interested in binding a quilt, then you will sign up on a designated list held

by the 1st Vice President.

            (g)    Working a shift at festival, booth work, TAQG Rally, etc. - 1 coupon

            (h)    Quilting a Quilt of Valor (unless monetarily compensated) - 2 coupons

                (i)      Quilting Charity, Raffle, Baby or any other quilt sponsored quilt (unless monetarily compensated) - 2 coupons

(17) Bar Pins for Volunteer Hours - Optional

                This is a yearly bar given out at the December meeting to members who have reached one hundred hours of service.  These bars are attached and worn on your Kaufman "sewing machine pins".  Hours must be recorded monthly on the sheet provided by the First Vice-President at the Welcome Desk.  If you are unable to attend, contact her by the meeting time and she will record them for you.  All hours must be recorded on the month they were earned and are carried from year to year until your 100 hours are earned giving you a bar for that year.  The hours can be earned for the following:

            (a)    Chamber Auction, Scarecrow Festival or any other designated location

            (b)    Charity quilts and raffle quilts including ALS, Linus quilts and CASA

            (c)    Mini quilts for auction at our show and TAQG

            (d)    Hours worked for/at TAQG Rally Day

            (e)    Quilts 4 Kids

            (f)    Kaufman Guild Quilt Show

            (g)    Quilts of Valor

            (h)    Committee Chairpersons/Board may count the hours they spend working on their committee activities.  

          * Denotes change from Yearbook