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Greenbriar February 2021

                                                   Jody's Gypsy Moth

Karen's Bow Tie

Tonya's Winnie

Jill's Winnie

Jane's Vintage Christmas

Donna B.

Cindy C.

Billie's Butterflies

Mt. Calm January 2019

Show and Tell


Donated Quilts

Mt. Calm January 2018


Lots of creativity going on!




      Sunset September 2017
This is one of Dixie's Kits            Adeline's Strip Quilt                   Karen M's Block Challenge          Tonya R's Hawaiian Shirts


Sunset  November 2016


     Milford September  2015

Mt. Calm June 2015

Greenbriar March 2015


Mt. Calm January 2015

Mt. Calm June 2014


Our House at Milford September 2014



Mt. Calm 2013