Quilt retreat lottery – Optional

        Quilt Guild members are given an opportunity to earn chances for a free Quilt

Retreat of their choice. For each mandatory or optional community service project

completed and listed below, that member will receive a coupon for that item. Your

coupon(s) will then be put in a “fish bowl” and at the August meeting a drawing will be

held. The winner will receive a free 3 night quilt retreat with meals included (unless

meals are not provided by the retreat host). It just takes one coupon to win, but the more

you participate, the greater your opportunity to win. It is your responsibility each month

to let the Secretary know what you have done. You must report each month; no back

tracking. You are asked to report to the Secretary between 6:30-7:00 before the business

meeting.  Coupons will be issued by the Secretary as follows:

            (a)    Attend scheduled work days – 1 coupon for two hours

worked; 2 

coupons for four hours worked; three coupons for six hours worked.

            (b)    Quilts of Valor – 4 coupons (1 quilt per year)

            (c)     Quilts for kids – 2 coupons (4 quilts per year) One quilt may be made

from a cheater cloth, quilted and bound. You may make as many baby q

uilts from cheater clothes as you want but only one will receive coupons. 

February is quilts for kids’ months and you will receive double coupons 

for each quilt turned in, all basic guidelines for coupons apply in Feb.

            (d)    Completed raffle and charity blocks – 1 coupon for every required set of

blocks. Example: if you are asked to complete three blocks for a project,

then that is considered a required set of blocks.

            (e)    Community service requests (ex. helping stock food pantry) – 1 coupon

            (f)    Binding a Charity or Raffle quilt for the guild – 1 coupon – If you are

interested in binding a quilt, then you will sign up on a designated list held

by the 1st Vice President.

            (g)    Working a shift at festival, booth work, TAQG Rally, etc. - 1 coupon

            (h)    Quilting a Quilt of Valor – 2 coupons