Kaufman Quilt Guild members can be proud of showing their respect and honor to our veterans.  Many QOVs are worked on by our members, with love and gratitude for their service to our country on foreign soil.
(Contact Sue Bohmer for more information)
Quilt of Valor Presentation
July 2, 2019










Quilt of Valor Presentation
September 4, 2018









Jelly Roll Race
 Saturday, February 10, 2018

Vicki Davis and Sue Bohmer hosted a QOV workshop on Saturday February 10.  We had a jelly roll race.  It was lots of fun and the first three to finish got medals and gifts!  First place was Sue W., second was Tonya R and third was Billie M.

Sue W.                            Tonya R.

Billie M.                             Eileen B.


Mollie B. 


Jerry McBain served in Vietnam.  He was exposed to Agent Orange and
has suffered multiple cancers as a result.  his quilt was pieced and quilted by Sue B.

                                                Veteran's Day - November 11, 2014

A Quilt of Valor was presented to
Staff Sargeant Doolittle, he just
arrived back from Afganistian 
He loves his quilt, made by
Allyson K.  Tears of Joy!

Cindy T. - 2014

Quilt of Valor pieced by Billie M. and quilted by Judy S. for Ray Weatheread of Athens, Texas.  Ray served in the US Army, 2 tours in Vietnam one as a door gunner in a UH-1 helicopter and the other in Special Forces.

Joan W. made this Quilt of Valor for Airman
Emily R. who was stationed in Afghanistan
and is now stationed at a base in Ohio.  The
quilt was custom quilted by Judy S. and was
inspired by a pattern in a magazine from
Cynthia McClelland.

Daniel Alvarez served in Vietnam as a "Tunnel Rat" for 13 months,
he also served in Desert Storm and in Beirut. 
His quilt was pieced by Rose Baum and quilted by Tonya R.

Veteran's Day - November 11, 2014

A Quilt of Valor was presented to
Captain of Special Forces, served in Korean, 
Ken Barry and his wife, Bev.  
Ken was awarded 2 Purple Hearts for his service.
He was trilled to be honored!
Pieced and quilted by Sue B. 


Laura M. - 2014

Rea S. and Gwenda - 2011

Beautiful Quilt of Valor presented to Joy P's son, Sargent Monty Stanley
with 3 tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Pieced by Jane N and quilted by Judy S, "Civil War Stars" is a real gem!!!
February 2015